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In the mountainous villages of the Black Sea lives Eve, a 75 year old corn cultivator. She and the neighboring women eek out an existence in this harsh and sun whipped land of dust, wind and snow.

Zimbabwean journalist Gibson wants to know what the younger, Born Free, generation are hoping as their country’s first free election after the removal of Robert Mugabe takes place. Zimbabwe has suffered decades of high unemployment, political oppression, and a crippling cash crisis. For everyone the stakes are high.

17-year-old Stanzin is about to graduate from high school. She lives in Ladakh. Her school is in Leh which is 475 kilometers from her home village Zangla. When it snows, the road from her village to her school is completely closed off. During that time the only route between her village and school is along the frozen Chaddr river on foot.

Diana, Aivaras, their eight-year-old son Romanas and dog make up a family living in poverty on Lithuania’s  Klaipėda island. Their home is situated inside a squatted derelict building.  They sweep through the streets raiding dumpsters in search of discarded metal and scraps that they sell or use in their meager two room accommodations.

In Morocco, Mahjouba Edbouche, 62, heads the home Oum Al Banin Association for unwed mothers.  The girls that flee to the  home are frightened, confused and often almost ready to deliver.

Having sex outside of marriage is an offence in Morocco that can lead to imprisonment. Mahjouba  is there to support them. She takes the girls and women under her wing, providing shelter, education, and legal assistance. The young women who arrive at the home, have fled their families out of shame and fear of rejection and their families often have no idea about the entire situation.

Reindeer herder Alexander has lived in the heart of the arctic taiga in Yakutia for many years. Hundreds of kilometers of forest, mountains and tundra are what he considers to his house.

Since Tibet is not recognized as a sovereign state by the International Olympic committee, there can be no official Tibetan Olympic team. In an act of defiance and solidarity, a group of young Tibetan refugees decided to hold their own Olympic games held in the foothills of the Himalayas in India.

Deep in the Himalaya, Mikma and her family travel every winter by foot from their Nepal village, Chyamtang,to sell locally collected medicinal plants in the urban markets. It is a journey that is a takes roughly two months.

Lifeboat witnesses refugees so desperate they risk their lives in rubber boats to travel from Libyia to Italy in the middle of the night, despite the high probability of drowning

Elephant Path follows a group of reclusive forest elephants living in the rain forest of the Central African Republic. Protected by ecoguard Zephirin Mbele and under constant surveillance by biolgist Andrea Turkalo and Bayaka elder and tracker Sessely Bernard the impending civil war tests all of them.