Stuff Everywhere is a lively quest to find what connects people and stuff. Featuring Benjamin Barber, Giles Slade, Tim Jackson and Damaris Matthijsen.

Things are handy, they make life easier and we think they will bring us joy. But there is too much stuff and it is everywhere: in our houses, on the streets, in the sea and in our minds. We feel compelled to buy even though we have more than enough. Filmmaker Judith de Leeuw wants to know just how much stuff she has. She decides to count it only to discover that it won’t fit her house.

Now that we have too much stuff, what can we do with it? Throw it away? In the oceans there are 5 great Garbage patches where all the litter and plastics that end up in the water system and oceans collect.

With wit and style, Stuff Everywhere asks some big questions about … stuff.

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