In Lakka, a small beach village in Sierra Leone whose international story has been dominated by a rebel war, a colorful mix of villagers tell their own stories of war, love, god, tradition and foreigners. Together they tell us the story about a worn torn community in a peaceful Sierra Leone.

“Ten years after the devastation of the rebel war, Sierra Leoneans abroad are still afraid to return home to their own families”, says Aminata from Lakka, Sierra Leone. In this small beach village close to the capital Freetown, we follow a fisherman, a carver, a restaurant owner, a local politician and an aspiringrapper as they show us their daily lives. Although they live in small proximity of each other, their visions are surprisingly different. Through stories wecapture the deepest and most profound moments in their lives. Stories about the ocean and the land, about war, love, religion, tradition and about foreign visitors; tourism on the heavenly beaches is nowhere near to how it was in the 80’s. Tourists stay away because of the stories about the war, stories that the inhabitants would rather forget, but the world keeps reminding them.” 74 minutes and 54.

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