Pashmina, the finest cashmere wool. Paradoxically, the finest of wools comes from the harshest of places. The Himalayan plateau of Ladakh’s cold, gritty, rocky conditions produces the fine warm undergrowth in Pashmina goats creating the luxurious wool Pashmina.

Rearing Pashmina goats is the only source of income for the nomadic Buddhist families living on the high cold desert of Ladakh. Once a year the rich Pashmina dealer Husman arrives to buy their wool, but there is no guarantee that he will offer a good price. The nomad’s hopes for the future and a new life rest on their children getting educated in the cities. Some of the children want this but some don’t. Stone Pastures follows the life of one family through the seasons as they stand at the cross roads to a new future. 65 minutes.

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