Devastated by drought, the pastoral Oulad Boukais of the Atlas Mountains set up a tiny school to prepare their children for a new future.

In the desert East of Atlas Mountains, seasonal rain and snow once supported livestock, today drought never ends and not even a blade of grass can be seen. For the pastoral Oulad Boukais tribe, their world is fast-changing and education is the hope for the future of their children. They build a community schoolhouse of clay miles from any city or town and a young teacher is sent over from the city.

The students face many obstacles to add the school, pressure to support their aging parents, objections based on traditional gender roles, or traveling long distances in the desert, but they want to attend and Mohamad their teacher must make do in a house with no electricity or water.

The energy and willingness of the children and their teacher give hope that this new generation will be prepared to meet the many challenges that are lying ahead of them.  Directed by Mohamed El Aboudi. 84', 2021.