17-year-old Stanzin is about to graduate from high school. She lives in Ladakh. Her school is in Leh which is 475 kilometers from her home village Zangla. When it snows, the road from her village to her school is completely closed off. During that time the only route between her village and school is along the frozen Chaddr river on foot.

She has been in boarding school in Leh for the last 12 years of her life and now she will soon graduate. Life away from her family is hard and she misses her home very much, but it is important for Stanzin and her parents that she get an education. In Zangla, her father teaches at the elementary school teacher and her mother weaves carpets and they tend two vegetable fields. Their rural life is changing and new road is under construction. But because of global warming has meant less snow, their fields and pastures are drying out and the route to Leh during the winter has become even more unpredictable and risky. Twice a year her father walks Stanzin to school and home in a breathtaking 4 day trek each way.

https://karbefilm.de Directed by Minsu Park, 2020, 78'