Diana, Aivaras, their eight-year-old son Romanas and dog make up a family living in poverty on Lithuania’s  Klaipėda island. Their home is situated inside a squatted derelict building.  They sweep through the streets raiding dumpsters in search of discarded metal and scraps that they sell or use in their meager two room accommodations.

How they arrived in this situation is not clear though hints of their back story surface: Diana’s mother who will not help them, Aivaras reference to an upsetting dream about a priest attacking his son Romanas. In spite of these difficulties they are a happy family. Diana seems hard and bossy but she shows a warm and giving heart, Aivaras is a responsible and loving father. Their son Romanas a polite, happy, fun loving, energetic kid who frequents the beach and harbor with his friends and dog. Though short on material goods, the family has an abundance of love. By Linas Mikuta, 2020 50' Lithuania