Deep in the Himalaya, Mikma and her family travel every winter by foot from their Nepal village, Chyamtang,to sell locally collected medicinal plants in the urban markets. It is a journey that is a takes roughly two months.

This year, the construction of a highway to China has begun in their valley where until now only paths existed. This transnational road will open up a direct transport route between Nepal and China -
bringing new challenges, new opportunities, and ultimately
a new way of being to those who live along its path.

The trek that Mikma and her family undertake is a tradition that has existed since the ancestors of their villager first settled in the area from Tibet. The film follows them on this ancient journey as they wind through the mountain trails loaded with supplies and their plants. Along the path they meet other travellers using the same routes with their own stories and entourages.  With the coming roads, this could be the end to this age old migration.  By Kate Stryker & Lucas Millard, 82' & 54,' 2020