Elephant Path follows a group of reclusive forest elephants living in the rain forest of the Central African Republic. Protected by ecoguard Zephirin Mbele and under constant surveillance by biolgist Andrea Turkalo and Bayaka elder and tracker Sessely Bernard the impending civil war tests all of them.

Forest elephant's tusks have a pinkish hue making their ivory especially valuable. Though under constant protection, the invasion of rebel militias makes their protection virtually impossible. 

The Seleka, an alliance of rebel militia groups, has overthrown the government and is about to enter the region of elephants. The night is shattered by the crash of gunfire. Sessely listens in horror as elephants are slaughtered by a rogue group of Seleka Rebels. As the occupation continues, Sessely and Zephirine avoid contact with the occupying rebel forces while Andrea watches events unfold from her office at the Elephant Listening Project at Cornell University.

After a year of Seleka occupation and torment for both the citizens and the elephants, the Seleka rebels are forced to the north of CAR by a rising resistance. Zephirine continues his anti-poaching patrols. Andrea and Sessely once again sit side by side on the observation post. The three friends return to their work with the hope that the violence of the past year has passed and that a fragile peace will return. http://elephantpathfilm.org/