From the maker of the award-winning Prostitution Behind the Veil, Nahid Persson’s latest film is an intimate, often humorous, portrait of four wives, Farang, Goli, Shahpar and Ziba, their husband, an astoundingly free-spoken mother-in-law and their numerous children.

The family lives under the same roof in a small Iranian village in an atmosphere seething with sex, love, jealously and scheming. The wives are bitter rivals, yet co-conspirators against their macho husband; sometimes he hits them when they're disobedient. Wife 2 was forced into the marriage her parents thought their divorcee daughter would never find a man. Wife 3 wanted a divorce, but he refused. Mr Heda sees to his sheep, wondering which wife he'll spend the night with. Wife 4 is a clear favourite at present. His choice made, he'll make sure her door is unbolted that evening; she gets the message. His mother claims he has one thing only in his head "pussy". Will he marry yet again? 58 minutes and 76 minutes.

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