In 1965, Bruce Nakashima met a man who understood him better than anyone else on earth. Bruce was a Japanese American from California, and LV Hendking was an African American from Alabama,  they clicked immediately when they met in the army through their deployment to Vietnam where their friendship was put to the ultimate test.

Bruce and LV were inseparable, confiding in each other, protecting each other, and providing a sense of home amidst the horrors they saw every day.  Despite this deep friendship Bruce could not help but question his role in a fight against people who looked like him and reminded him of his family. He was troubled by way the American soldiers treated the Vietnamese ad it made him seriously question what he was doing there.

One day, everything came to a head after a trek through the jungle caused a land mind to explode wounding several including Bruce and his friend LV. In the horrific events that followed, Bruce came face to face with the deep racism that he saw all around him. LV saved his life but they lost track of each other after each went to different hospitals.  After all these years, Bruce finds his friend LV and confronts the nightmare that never let him ago all the years after that land mine exploded. Directed by David Brodie, 35 minutes 2023, United States.