On 3 October 2013, a boat carrying more than 500 migrants from Libya to Italy sank off the Italian island of Lampedusa. Most of the people on board were men, women and children from Eritrea, Somalia and Ghana. Adal Neguse living in Sweden who himself had made this trip across the Mediterranean fears his brother may be on that boat.

Adal had begged his brother to not make the journey, sadly, he does learn that his brother was among the 360 victims. Over the years, Adal cannot get over what had happened, and he decides he needs to find out what really took place that night on the doomed boat chugging its way to Italy.

He listens to a passenger who says the ship’s driver set the boat on fire to be sure they would be rescued, of another who says that while in the water, they saw a great light of a boat coming to them and then turning away. And we hear from the Italian captain who thought he heard screaming out at sea and and decides to go to it where he encounters a mass of people flailing in the sea. Through these testimonies and recollections the film reconstructs a horrible outcome for people so desperate to  find a better life. Directed by Anna Blom, 60 minutes, 2022, Finland.  Impressio Films. https://tommiseitajoki.com