Speed of Happiness let’s us discover the meaning of true happiness through 봇카  ‘botcah’  the traditional carriers who  bring luggage to the lodges in ‘Oze’, a vast marshland of Japan where nature’s untouched beauty lives and breathes.

Speed of Happiness captures the daily lives of veteran ‘botcah(봇카)’, Igarashi and Ishitaka who work in ‘Oze National Park walking the long footpaths with huge loads of goods on their back.  Igarashi, the main protagonist,  embraces the beauty of the Oze and his work. His competitor Ishitaka is more of a western style person who sees his work as a business venture.

Both young men have a wife and children, both carry the large vertically stacked parcels on their backs. But, both do not experience their work the same. For Igarashi, each day in Oze connects him to every creek and developing blossum. Ishitaka huffs and puffs and labors each day in the hope of growing his business. Igarsahi’s smile,  Ishitaka’s grimace.  Oze gives to those who accept. Hyuckjee Park, South Korean 2021, 117'.