Zimbabwean journalist Gibson wants to know what the younger, Born Free, generation are hoping as their country’s first free election after the removal of Robert Mugabe takes place. Zimbabwe has suffered decades of high unemployment, political oppression, and a crippling cash crisis. For everyone the stakes are high.

Gibson lost his mother when he was 10, but some things she told him have stayed with him: “the world is a cruel place” and “you have to be smart.” His mother wanted him to be a priest but Gibson chose journalism. From the barber shop, the slums, or the tough conditions of the mining camps, Gibson listens to the Born Free Generation. For him there is no continent where the people have worked harder for their freedom than the people of Africa. He asks, “could this election be an actual turning point?”

When the day arrives, people line the streets to vote and as day moves into evening commotion builds. Will the young candidate Chamisa win over the old Zimbabwe establishment? People pour down the streets shouting and chanting when armed men arrive scattering people in all directions. Gun shots ring throughout the city and finally the winner is announced. 61', 2020, Directed by Mathias Nyholm Schmidt, Anna Steen Hansen, Production Mads Buhl Henriksen for Alken Film, Laura Valentiner for Bacon