Set in the highlands of Peru, Mothers of the Land follows indigenous farmers whose ancient traditions of organic farming is in peril from climate and seasonal changes brought by global warming.

In the Andean worldview, everything works with duality. The mountains are considered equal with men, and women with the earth as both are capable of giving and nurturing life.

Their understanding of their crops and seeds is vast carried down through generations. Today,  they struggle against unpredictable weather to produce quinoa, potatoes, amaranth, oats and corn. A large diversity of potato varieties has arisen through generations of farmers actively cultivating and improving strains. These seeds are extremely valuable and the farmers took the journey to deposit hundreds at the Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway.

In the context of an ever-growing industrialization of agriculture, the use of chemical pesticides and genetically modified seeds, it is these women who have taken on the role of protectors of their of  their valuable ancient agrarian traditions. 74,' 2019 HD Peru