News & festivals

Slut Phobia? premiers at the Netherlands Film Festival

Slut Phobia? had its world premier at the NFF in competition for Best Documentary

Superjews of Ajax Premiers at IDFA

With great anticipation, Superjews of AJax had its world premier at IDFA

Moving Stills competes for Dutch Film IDFA

Tinus Kramer's film about photo journalist Kadir van Lohuizen premiered at the IDFA and competed in the Dutch documentary catagory

I Will Not Lose theatric release in Germany

October 2013  I Will Not Lose began its theatric life in select German cinemas

I Will Not Lose premiers at Berlinale

I Will Not Loss by Sandra Kaudelka screens in Perspective German Cinema at the Berlinale 


A Life Exposed: Robyn Beeche has its Canadian premier at FIFA

We are excited to announce that A Life Exposed; Robyn Beeche a photographer transformed will have its Canadian premier at the Montreal International Festival of Films on Art.

My Stolen Revolution Wins Leipziger Ring

We are proud to announce My Stolen Revolution has won the Leipziger Ring, Best Documentary about the subject of democarcy at Doc Leipzig.

My Stolen Revolution wins at Noor Iranian Film Festival

Filmmaker Nahid Persson wins best documentary director at this year's Noor Iranian Film Festival

Peter Higgs wins Nobel Prize.

We are thrilled by the news that Peter Higgs has won the Nobel Prize for Physics. Higgs into the Heart of Imagination brings his work and his modest acceptance of the discovery of the Higgs boson to the screen.

My Stolen Revolution screens at Docs Leipzig

My Stolen Revolution continues its vigorous festival run. We are excited to announce that it will screen at Docs Leipzig immediately after its screening at the Noor Film Festival in Los Angeles

Wind of Change Competes for Golden Panda

We are thrilled to announce that Wind of Change has been nominated for a Golden Panda for Photography at the  International “Gold Panda” Awards of 2013 (12th) Sichuan TV Festival

Wind of Change International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

Wind of Change continues its festival run screening at the  International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow.

A Life Exposed: Robyn Beeche finalist in Australian Arts in Asia Awards

We are proud of Lesley Branagan and her film's selection as a finalist in the Australian Arts in Asia Award

Wind of Change competes at the Festival of Environmental Film and Video

Julia Dahr's film Wind of Change which follows a Kenyan rural farmer as he confronts climate change is in the competitive screening of the 15th International Festival of Environmental Film and Video taking place  in Golas Brazil from July 2nd to the 7th.

Appassionata has it French premier at FID Marseille

We are please to announce that Appassionata will screen on July 3rd and 6th at the 24th Festival International de Cinema - Marseille

My Stolen Revolution competes in Los Angeles

My Stolen Revolution competes for Best Documentary this June at the Los Angeles Film Festival

My Stolen Revolution upcoming screenings

We are excited by the interest in My Stolen Revoution. It screens:

It's All True Film Festival Sao Paulo 4 April

Jeonju International Film Festival South Korea 25 April

Vancouver International Film Festival 26 September

Warsaw Film Festival October 11

My Stolen Revolution Awarded Tempo

My Stolen Revolution wins Documentary Award at the Tempo Film Festival in Stockholm.

Appassionata to Ankara

We are proud to see Appassionata screening at Ankara International Film Festival

My Stolen Revolution Tempo Documentary Festival

My Stolen Revolution at Tempo Documentary Film Festival. Films that speak their mind.




My Stolen Revolution Audience Choice at Rotterdam International Film Festival

We are touched by the response of the audience voting My Stolen Revolution in 5th place as the Audience Choice

Congratulations to Beate Petersen Winner of Autumn Exhibition Award 2012

This year's winner of the Autumn Exhibition BKHs price of NOK 100,000 is the artist Beate  Petersen, videodocumentary Nasseredin Shah and his 84 Wives. "The nearly hour-long project is an exceptionally well-executed artwork, both conceptually, technically and aesthetically. It is also one of several this year Autumn exhibition that examines the situation in the Middle - East, and thus has a particular relevance."

Wind of Change screens at the Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital

Wind of Change  will have its Washington DC premier at the Environmental Film Festival one of the world’s largest and most influential showcases of environmental film and a major collaborative cultural event in Washington, D.C.

My Stolen Revolution Premiers at Rotterdam

We are excited to announce that Nahid Persson Sarvestani's newest film, My Stolen Revolution, will have its world premier at the Rotterdam International Film Festival. The film tells of Nahid's personal journey to find the truth surrounding her brother's death and exposes the realities of life inside Iran's political prisons.

Stuff Everywhere at Lincoln Center

We proudly announce Stuff Everywhere's screening at the Film Society Lincoln Center New York as part of Mountain Film 2012.

Cinema Komunisto in the New Year

Cinema Komunisto continues its dazzling festival run and closes 2012 at Forum des Images in Paris and opens 2013 at the Museum of Yugoslav History in Belgrade

The British newspaper the Observer has reviewed Cinema Komunisto. If you would like to read it please click here

PR: Conversations with Peter Higgs

Press Release


This Wednesday, the 4th of July 2012, news from Cern in Geneva will be released detailing the latest findings in the quest for the Higgs Particle and what gives matter mass. There will be an historic press conference.

The search for the Higgs Particle, it has been the greatest scientific experiment ever. It cost tens of billions and hundreds of the brightest people in the world have been devoted to finding it.

Viewpoint Productions has spent this last weekend in Sicily with Peter Higgs in conversation with him about these new findings 48 years after he first predicted the existence of the Higgs Particle.

The Dutch broadcaster HO has followed this research up until the revelations coming out tomorrow. It can be seen in the documentary Higgs- Into the Heart of Imaginationwhich has been just re-edited to include the new findings. The documentary follows Stan Bentvelsen program leader of the Dutch contingency at Cern in the preparations of the experiement until now. It explores the meaning of the Higgs Particle and power of the imagination.

For information about the new Clips with Peter Higgs or the documentary Higgs Into the Heart of Imagation, please contact:

Robin Brinster Illumina Films
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Nasseredin Shah and His 84 Wives wins Best Feature Documentary

The gem of a film Nasseredin Shah and His 84 Wives wins Best Feature Documentary, New York City International Film Festival

American Cinematographer Magazine Award

Stories from Lakka Beach wins the American Cinematographer Magazine Award for Best Cinematography at Salem Film Fest