Living with Van Gogh

Like lottery ticket holders when the lottery keeps getting postponed or contested, owners of supposed Van Goghs live in a constant state of tension, forever wondering if their property is the real thing.

In Vincent van Gogh's early days he lived in the Dutch province of Brabant where many of his early works disappeared in the city of Breda. Over the years, some of the residents bought canvasses signed "Vincent" at the local junk markets and are convinced of their painting's authenticity. The museum of Brabant decided to make an exhibition of these paintings and put out an ad for anyone who thought they had a van Gogh to bring it in. Several people did and the museum of Brabant was convinced that one of the paintings was an authentic van Gogh. However, the Van Gogh Museum was not convinced and without their approval it is impossible to sell the painting as a van Gogh. The film explores the owners agonies and ecstasies as they struggle to get their paintings authenticated and it leaves the viewer with the question: What is authentic? 52 minutes.

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