Not in My Backyard

NOT IN MY BACKYARD is about two convicted sexual offenders in Miami, Florida and deals with one of the great taboo topics of our society: the rehabilitation of child abusers.

The film seizes the unusual perspective of the offenders and solely speaks from their point of view. Both sex offenders, Teofilo (49) and Elliott (33) are not allowed to leave Miami – Dade County in Florida. Their residence must be further away than 750 metres from places where children regularly congregate, like schools, parks and playgrounds. A night-time curfew is imposed on them. For a constant monitoring of their whereabouts they have to wear a GPS monitoring device. With these restrictions it is nearly impossible to find a place to live or a job.

Confronted with their life on the edge of society, their past and their offences the films outlines a picture of the perpetrator which raises the question, what part does society plays in the existence of offenders and what options are there for them?