In Morocco, Mahjouba Edbouche, 62, heads the home Oum Al Banin (mother of children) Association for unwed mothers. Having sex outside of marriage is an offence in Morocco  that can lead to imprisonment and the girls that come are frightened and often almost ready to deliver.

Mahjouba  is there to support them, she takes the girls and women under her wing, providing shelter, education, and legal assistance. The young women who arrive at the home, have fled their families out of shame and rejection and their families often have no idea about the entire situation.

Mahjouba is a feminist activist whose wisdom and nonjudgmental manner helps these girls face the realities of the situation they are in and  help them reconcile with the families they thought would surely disown them.

Mothers follows Edbouche and her team, and the developments in the lives of these pregnant women, filming moments from their arrival at the association to the birth of their child, and sometimes the reunification with their family. We gradually learn to see these women’s problems, including the dilemmas of modern Morocco, through Edbouche’s eyes. By Myriam Bakir, 62' 2020 Production

Jean-David Lefebvre for Abel Aflam, Cécile Vacheret for Sedna Films.