What is it like to be a child in a third world country? PUNAM will take you there.

Like a silent observer, PUNAM is a window into another world, the world of a nine year old girl living in a town in Nepal. Punam's mother died when Punam was five and her father works two shifts to pay for her and her younger sister and brother to go to school. Because she is the oldest, she has had to take over all the household responsibilities of the deceased mother.
She's up at 5, cooks, cleans, gets the younger ones up and ready for school and then on the way home from school she does the shopping. She is forced to be so much older than her nine years, but when she goes to visit some of her young friends, one sees what kind of a life other children her age are living who don't have the money to pay for their schooling. The film also takes a peek at the school that represents Punam and her family's hope for the future. PUNAM is a rich portrayal of life for many children in Asia.
27 minutes. Directed by Lucian Munean Natasa Stankovic, www.lunamdocs.com

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